Rape Mentality

Meaning and Concept

Rape refers to enforced sexual intercourse or sexual assault between two or more than two individuals, who can be an adult or minor. Rape entails insertion of an erected penis or an inanimate object into the female vagina or the male anus. Official explanation of rape may also comprise forced oral sex and other sexual acts. Rape may be heterosexual or homosexual.

“Rape” is a consequential term from a Latin word “rapere” which means ‘to seize’.

rape There are several terms in which different situations of rape can be categorized. Some of them are here under:

1. Gang rape: It is one of the most brutal or ruthless sexual assault in which more than one individual or group of individuals forces a victim for sexual intercourse.

2. Statutory rape: It is a type of forced sexual intercourse with an individual of opposite or same sex who has not reached the age of consent or maturity, even if both the parties have mutual consents to participate.

3. Date rape: It is basically a state of sexual abuse in which the victim is psychologically pressurized, drugged or sedated through an eatable or a drink which leads a victim to lose his/her consciousness and ultimately leads to rape. It is named as ‘Date rape’ since it often involves a dating couple.

4. Marital rape: Rape too occurs in or after marriage where the husband forces his wife to get sexually indulged or have a sexual intercourse with him even if the wife is unwilling to do so.



India in 2013 was given a shameful title of ‘Rape Capital’ after the breathtaking ‘Nirbhaya’ case. But did that that made any difference? Yes, it did but they were even worse.

According to the statistics stated by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported in 2012 across India and this figure has been tremendously increasing every year.

Another shocking data stated that 7200 minors are getting raped every year across India. We are frequently witnessing cases of 2 year old girl, 6 months old girl, 5 years old girl child etc. which leaves us numb about hearing these cases. These small kids who can’t speak, walk, run but just cry over whatever happened with them. They had no idea of what rape is, when it just happened with them. This also drives us to think over the pathetic mentality of those culprits who committed this crime. These minors were not wearing any revealing outfits, they were not drunk, they haven’t invited anyone to do such act with them and then how can a person rape such small child merely of 2 or 5 years of age. This severely depicts the ill mentality, psychological or mental illness or trauma of such culprits that leads them to such pitiable and inhumane acts of rape.



After reading about related articles, statistical patterns of past years, case studies of both victims and rapists, past researches etc. we have found some of the major mentalities or psychological reasons of individuals who get indulged into the crime of rape and also their reactions of the same. Some of the leading ones are:

1. Rapists do have a poor mentality or a pity opinion about women in general i.e. they do not find women to be equally humane.

2. Some culprits showed a very regressive thought that a woman should remain pure till marriage or else she is nothing more than an impure or damaged good. They basically had a diffident thinking about women’s virginity.

3. Some of the filthy mindset expressed by the rapists that if a woman is roaming out in late hours, wearing revealing outfit, is drunk or partying etc. then this behavior leads them to be raped or simply an invitation to rape.



4. Rapists do show a pattern of cognitive distortion or abnormality in which they create their own version of the offensive situation that allows them to justify their actions.

5. According to some rapists, the incident which took place was merely an accident and it was women’s fault that she was out there and this would have not occurred if she hasn’t attracted molesters.

6. It was dreadful to see that some of the individuals who committed a rape were not even conscious about the fundamental awareness of one’s consent before sexual intercourse.


7. In order to see the comparison between culprits of rape and other crimes, it was found that whether planned or committed in a heat of the moment, the culprits of other crimes regretted it or experiences guilt and also realized that their actions has adversely affected the victims or destroyed their lives. But this was not the case with the rapists since on the contrary; they were blaming the victims for their outrageous act.

8. When asked to rapists about the rape situation and the victim, few of them showed their ill mentality by saying that the woman who got raped was not dressed modestly, her body language was inviting and that is the reason all this happened. They also added that all men might have raped her but he was the one who was caught.

9. Some rapists admitted that the rape was a result of uncontrollable circumstances and could have been avoided if he wouldn’t have influence of alcohol or drugs or bad company.



10. Rape culprits also justified their crime with rationalizing the situation as when a woman is saying ‘No’, she means ‘Yes’.

11. It was noted that some of the rapes were as a result of childhood sexual abuse with the culprit itself which he vented out in such a way.

12. Another major reason according to rapists behind rape was their ‘male biology’ or ‘hormonal effects’. They stated that as their hormones was going crazy; it was women’s sole responsibility for avoid the rape situation.



13. Sexual objectification or treating women by focusing on their physical desirability or simply treating them as an object or sex toys were also very common among rapists.

14. Some of the rape culprits admitted that they committed this crime in order to experience power, dominance, excitement, misogyny, sense of control or feeling powerful etc. Some psychologists have categorized such behaviors as Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Sadism, Psychopathic etc. and all such situations comes under the purview of sexual disorders.

15. Several psychological reasons such as mental or financial stress, alcohol or substance abuse, childhood sexual abuse etc. are some of the leading reasons of sexual abuse or rape.


Therefore, the above mentioned mentalities or the combination of them can be the leading ones of a disgraceful crime.

We have also found out that most of them were due to the psychological causes such as stressed out state, sexual frustrationdepressed mood, sexual anxiousness, childhood sexual abuse, alcohol or substance abuse, poor mentality about women, objectification of women, unequal and inhumane behavior with women, sexual disorders etc.

So, there is an utter need to reach people at large in order to reduce and alleviate such disgraceful mentality of the community. The prime responsibility is to treat those psychological or mental elements which lead to ‘rape mentality’ among culprits as well as to spread awareness among victims.


Conclusively, this was a brief understanding, meaning, concept,  types, psychological mentalities and resultant treatments regarding rape mentality.

Hope you find the above information beneficial.

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