Emotional Anesthesia

Meaning and Concept

“Emotional anesthesia refers to a state of mind where an individual intentionally obstructs his/her thoughts in order to block the resultant emotions  whether good or bad.”

emotional anesthesia

“It is purely a mental process, totally different from physical anesthesia but affect one’s mind likewise, i.e. it leads to a blockage in a person’s emotions and thinking for a span which unable him/her to think or feel in either ways.”

emotional anesthesia

Emotional anesthesia is termed as ‘psychic numbing’ which clearly depicts that it is a mental process  leading to numbing of one’s thoughts which doesn’t let them feel either positive or negative emotions. In other words, it is a tendency for individuals to withdraw interest from past reports that had been annoying, or from future threats that are perceived. The process of emotional anesthesia is generally used during the state of extreme or chronic traumatic events or during stress post trauma.

emotional anesthesia

Reasons of Emotional Anesthesia

The major reasons behind using emotional anesthesia can be:

1. Pain

2. Grief

3. Guilt

4. Anger

5. Helplessness

6. Hopelessness

7. Escapism

8. Avoidance

9. Social anxiety

One must try and look for these factors for diagnosis, since they are the basic root cause leading to emotional anesthesia.


emotional anesthesia

Causes of Emotional Anesthesia

Some of the leading causes of emotional anesthesia are as follows:

1. Extreme stress

2. Frustration out of unfulfilled goals

3. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

4. Rape victim

5. Loss of loved ones

6. Prolonged disease

7. Bad past relationships

8. Excessive anxiety

9. Failures of life

10. Grief or guilt out of past incidences

11. Physical or mental harassment


emotional anesthesia


Although, emotional anesthesia may sound helpful for an individual in some situations since then he/she will be able to get over all the negative emotions flowing out of his/her mind for a short span of time. But think of a situation where a person gets used to it, making it a habit and applying it to all such pessimistic situations where he/she just need an escape from the reality. He/she is doing nothing but running away from the reality or rather avoiding real life problems instead of solving them.


emotional anesthesia

Therefore it is suggested that instead of practicing emotional anesthesia or psychic numbing, one should try a healthier way i.e.

1. Displacing negative thought process and feelings into positive ones (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

2. Channelize one’s behavior towards productive direction (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

3. Giving less importance to negative thoughts and more to positive ones (Positive insight development)

4. To be optimistic in life (Optimism and hopefulness)

5. Try to avoid stimulus that thwarts a person with negativity (Avoid pessimism)

6. Do not suppress one’s feelings and emotions (Avoid suppression)

7. Communicate or interact one’s own feelings and emotions with professionals (Proper sharing)

8. Vent out the negativity through proper channels (Release the mental waste)

Therefore, these are some of the productive ways and techniques which can be used by an individual suffering from any sought of mental trauma rather than just jumping towards less productive ways such as emotional anesthesia.

Conclusively, this was a brief understanding, meaning, concept, reasons, causes and resultant treatments regarding emotional anesthesia.

Hope you find the above information beneficial.

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emotional anesthesia

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